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The Benefits Of Using A Menstrual Cup

The Benefits Of Using A Menstrual Cup

One of the sudden upsides of adjusting my career and working from home has been the way I’ve rethought my day-to-day consumption of goods. Without the day by day stress of a frustrating commute, tons of meetings, and everything else that goes along with working in an office, I spend more time in my residence than wherever else. Meaning when it comes to what I use on a every day, weekly, and month-to-month basis, I take discover of how lengthy things final me and how often I’m running to the pharmacy or convenience store to purchase more.

And as it seems, you undergo a lot more paper towels and bathroom paper whenever you’re not at an office (or commuting to/from said office) for 12 hours a day. Something else you discover how shortly you undergo, in case you occur to have a period? Tampons.

After I started working from residence and not had access to an office with an finishless provide of interval products, I by some means discovered myself in the same predicament each month. I might end up rushing to the pharmacy in an emergency, usually a few hours before my period got here, stocking up on the most cost effective box of tampons I may find.

Menstrual Discs
After seeing somebody on Instagram discuss menstrual discs, though, I was intrigued. Not like tampons, you can wear discs for up to 12 hours before changing them. You continue to disposed of them every 12 hours, although, not like a menstrual cup, which you reuse once more and again. As somebody who was terrified and overwhelmed by the concept of a menstrual cup, discs seemed like the perfect alternative. Not fairly as maintainable as a cup, but hey, it was a start.

Though it took a little bit of trial-and-error to get used to them, I finally changed tampons with discs altogether. The pros? I may change them less often and I skilled fewer leaks than with tampons. The cons? On the primary day or of my period, I’d almost always have a leak after just a few hours. Additionally, there was still the issue of waste (even if it was less than with tampons). After just a few months of using discs, although, I discovered myself less intimidated by the idea of a cup — and I was curious, too.

If I could have the same expertise as I had with discs (occasional leaks and all) however with zero waste to take care of, it would be perfect. So I ordered a Saalt cup on a whim, boiled it (to sterilize it), read the instruction guide, and waited patiently for my period to arrive.

Menstrual Cups
By the time my interval did show up, I used to be fairly confident that this complete process can be a chunk of cake. I had been by way of the hit-and-miss adjustment interval for inserting and removing a disc—how may this be any totally different? So I re-read the guide, folded the silicone cup up, and after a few fails, managed to insert it in what I hoped was the correct way. It was about 12 hours earlier than I had to remove it, and I was impressed that it was totally comfortable when inserted. The truth is, I couldn’t really feel it at all. Everything was fine... till I tried to remove it.

The Expertise
Consider this a warning: The primary time you go to take out the cup, it might be a bit of panic-inducing. I briefly thought that I wouldn’t be able to get it out at all, but after trying a number of totally different squatting positions, I figured it out just fine. This process will also be a bit messy if you’re first getting used to it, however once more: practice makes perfect. By day four of my period, I felt like a pro—and I used to be also convinced that I would never, never use anything but a menstrual cup ever again. Aside from a minor one on the first day of my period, I haven’t skilled a leak a single time. Not once. But the most effective half? There is no waste. Zero. No wrapping discs or tampons in wads and wads of bathroom paper. No smells. Nothing. Plus, I will never, ever again be within the scenario of running out of tampons or discs. The idea of never having to pay for both of these things again (or at least not for many, a few years)? Fairly amazing.

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