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Order now generic postinor mastercard australia - buy drug 10mg in thailand

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I have had Mirena for a year now and I'm loving it. Insertion was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I was up and ready to go as soon as my doctor was done. I had some cramping for about an hour afterward, but some Ibuprofen and a heating pad knocked that out in no time. I had some heavy bleeding for about a week after, the light brownish spotting for about 3 weeks. The next 6 months I would have brownish spotting for about a day and a half when I was supposed to get my period, and my breasts would still get tender. Since then no period, no PMS, no period symptoms at all! I have gained weight, but I put that down to my own laziness as opposed to anything to do with the IUD. My husband says occasionally that he can feel it during sex.
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